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Realtime Revolution. A CD album  By Kappa & The Badwolf


This CD is released on July  25th 2015. Preorders available here now, and item will be shipped to arrive as near to the 25th as possible. A  new album of  songs by  Paul Kappa made in Chicago in February  2014 as a collaboration between Petibone (out of Chicago) and The  A mazing Kappa Band (out of  Liverpool). Played live in Chris Radostits' Cinnomon Sound Studio with personnel being Chris Radostits, Jeffrey  Eccles, Patrick Marron, Matthew Radostits, Laura Gilchrist,  Maria Alan and Paul Kappa. This collection,  mixed and mastered by  Chris Radostits also has fabulous artwork from cult  Liverpool artist Danny  Crone  and is a true co-operation of transatlantic  talents of  independent  music  producers. Available now at all good Kappa gigs or this website.
Track listing:
 1. Realtime Revolution
 2. Primal Refugees
 3. Killer Heels
 4. Loving You Tonight
 5 .Is Forever Far Enough
 6. Ready  As You Will Ever Be
 7.Comeback King
 8..Still Falling
10. Big Bad Blues