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1001 Tales from AKB:

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By paulkappa, Jul 31 2015 01:50PM

We built special guitars (me, Ian Hanlon and Neil Topping) in a sort of '3 men in a shed' way..and they even worked. They are really quite cool actually, and I've taken to using mine all the time, at least for the time being....( I'm a complete slag when it comes to being faithful to guitars).

We did six gigs in the four days. Every one of them was a party, and a riot.

Realtime Revolution is now out there and the reaction to it has been all good.

We are all delighted with that, as we are really proud of the record. I'm proud of every album I've made, actually, as we put our heart and soul into them, from the writing part, which can be those moments at home, late at night, 'eureka' moments in the bath or whacking riffs out t rehearsals and even improvisation at gigs. Then there's a choice on how much to distil the material, how much to leave it raw and organic or to hone it to near perfection with loads of sonics in production techniques or just do it all acoustic..We chose this time for (near) unedited live in the room together, one take rock and roll.

That's always my favourite approach.

Like Miles Davis doing 'Kind Of Blue'...or most all records pre 1967. It's never perfect (Kind Of Blue is though innit?) but it's got that soul and spirit. I love that. But like I say, there's choices. Great records are great records, however they get made.

Realtime Revolution is now aivailable on the corner shop page of our little site ...

Many thanks to those of you who already bought the album,,,

We hope you'll all enjoy listening to us...

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