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Laura has gone and got t shirts, innit?

By paulkappa, Jul 21 2015 03:26PM

Laura and Paul Kays Catalogue 1978
Laura and Paul Kays Catalogue 1978

Laura has gone and done it, innit? She was in charge of t shirt production...and she's played a blinder, innit?

We wanted to have a limited number of t shirts for the release of our new album this Saturday.

We all loved Danny Crone's front cover art, and so we got that screen printed in full 10 X 10" colour on the shirts.

Laura, being the Kurt Geiger toting fashion guru that she is chose the fabrics, colours and styles and she got all the nicest, bestest quality gear too.

There are 96 of these boss t shirts (anyone who knows me, knows why I wanted 96...JFT96 YNWA ) and I'm made up with them.

I get all emotional looking at Danny's art. He is a superb artist.; full of Liverpool wit , political satire and comment.

He did this art for us and the shirts are superb reflection of the art in clothing...bosserer laa.

We welcome Chris Radostits, Jeffrey Eccles and Patrick Marron to Liverpool this week. Travelling from Chicago to perform "Realtime Revolution" live with us at the Cavern Pub this Saturday, as usual, from 5 pm.

This is gonna be a special week for us.

Come and join the Revolution.

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